trail mix do you mean m&ms with obstacles


sir could you just calm down for a second



What I look for in a partner:

[] Style
[] Grace
[X] Funny face


eye patch more like fly patch



When ya grandma don’t put any money in ya birthday card



Marie Antoinette (2006) dir. Sofia Coppola

Rousseau says: if we assume man has been corrupted by an artificial civilisation, what is the natural state?

The state of nature from which he has been removed? 

Imagine wandering up and down the forest without industry, without speech and without home.


excuse me everyone be quiet please shut the fuck up: i look great!

"You know, when I was married to the Cuban, I never had to worry about a thing. Desi was so damn smart about everything - scripts, cameras, lighting, costuming, you name it. I would simply waltz in on Monday mornings and the cast and I would read a perfect script, all ready for rehearsal. All I had to do was be Lucy. Desi took care of the rest. We made a great team. Plus, it didn’t hurt that we we were crazy about each other.”